Wedding Spotlight – FunDMC

Wedding Spotlight - FunDMC

Close your eyes, and picture with me, if you will…it’s your wedding day. The ceremony was nothing short of perfection; everything you dreamed of since childhood, not a dry eye in the house. Your photographer is doing an absolutely amazing job (wink, wink), and you’re riding around in your limousine heading toward the evening’s main event – the wedding reception. You walk in, and are greeted by not one, not two, not three, but five extremely talented and energetic musicians who are there to dance you through with abandon to everything else around you except your newly wed spouse, your family, and your friends. The crowd is being engaged by the heartbeat of a live band, and not some random playlist of songs that are overplayed on the radio. There’s a personal touch to the evening. It’s lively; it’s entertaining; it’s FunDMC.

I have the distinct honor of knowing this band personally, with some members being close friends of mine, but that’s not why I’m featuring them on my website. I truly believe they are a band that will deliver a unique and fun experience for your wedding reception. They are a band that is well known for their professionalism, energy, and…well, I’ll let you read for yourself an excerpt in their own words:

Just like we would at a club or private event, our goal is to bring an energetic performance and make your special day fun and memorable for you and your guests. When Fun DMC performs at a wedding reception, we pride ourselves on being a professional group in all aspects of what we do.

I can’t say it enough, a live band adds such a dynamic to a reception that is beyond compare. They become an intimate and important part of the evening. I mean, think about it, where would Marty McFly be today had it not been for Marvin Berry and the Starlighters? If you hire FunDMC for you wedding reception, you’ll not only be guaranteed an memorable evening of entertainment, but who knows, you just might save your own future!

I know, this is heavy 😉